_DSC0050My name is Zoltan Torok (in proper hungarian form Török Zoltán), I am hungarian. My first connection with music composing have started at age 16, when I got my first synthesizer. I was learning to play guitar and piano those years, and started to create music with the aid of computer. As the years have passed I compose music only for myself as a hobby, but from 2001 to 2006 I had been working for a game-developer company too, therefore my music carrier was expanded.

I have started my higher studies in 1999 and graduated in 2004, as a cartographer.\r\nI compose music both in instrumental and electronic based style: a bunch of my albums are a combination of instrumental/new-age/ambient genre and concentrate to use mostly real instruments and expanded few electronic/synth elements (I-Series), and the opposites are focused on mostly electronic/synth style without – or just a few – real instruments (E-Series). My purpose with these kind of series is to blend the various elements/styles of genres perfectly and to make a unique music that objective is not the relaxation and to fill the listeners’ mind with emptiness, rather to take away them to a musical journey.

All of my instrumental albums gives the most to the listener when it is playing completely. Every track has a connection with each other, every track is a part of a great one, therefore it is better to listen to from the beginning to the end.

On this website, you can listen to my music (both previews and full tracks too) at ‘Albums’ page where you will find some description all of my albums since 1999, and further works under ‘Showreel’ section, which contains music especially for games (and some selections from my fictional motion picture score albums)._DSC0067\r\nIn 2009 I have started to revise some of my earlier albums which needs reconsideration, innovation and reengineering to release them via online distribution.