Closing to the Horizon

CTTH_frontThis album is the absolutely opposite music what I have done over the years. It is a trance-dance kind of music with melodic piano solos, synth arpeggios, beat-up basses. Perhaps it fits into my ‘Car-Music’ albums, another piece of The E-Series.

Original version finished in late 2006, revised in 2009 for release.

The album went through on a new revision session in 2012, focused more on the dynamic but also remixed, remastered, recomposed, rethinked, reprocessed, reengineered, recompressed, reconfigured all the tracks.

Album lenght: 50 min


Note: the latest revision of this album available only at the AudioLife store at the moment. The other shops (itunes, amazon, emusic etc.) have the previous edition, released in 2009. In case if you have bought (and plan to buy) in these shops, contact me for details to send you the latest version for free.