ConSequence / by ElectronicMusicMall


Dramatic electronic soundscapes in the tradition of Vangelis, Oldfield and Zimmer. ConSequence has a broad, expansive soundtrack quality to it, instrumental compositions, sweeping themes with powerful emotional content. The music is very melodic and tuneful with an almost orchestral range and variety. Beats are a blend of traditional drum kits, congas, international percusives – sometimes stirring and fervent, sometimes lazy, chilled and sometimes absent altogether. There are restful pieces where elegant acoustic guitar or piano melodies flit upon soft synthetic pads or hazy flutes waft across choral voices. There are opulent passages where electric guitar, tubular bells and strings well up in climactic surges only to fall back into dreamy downbeat interludes. This is an album full of vivid sonic colour and variety of pace leading the listener on a real journey of thought and feeling – from serene and poignant through heart-warming, inviting optimism, melancholy introspection on to impassioned zeal and pomp.


ConSequence is delivered in a jewel case package with sharp graphics. The imagery features radiant light patterns against deep, shadowy backgrounds. The liquid metal fonts of the titles are bathed in the glow of light pools and sparkling splashes. The rear cover holds further abstractions of light along with a tracklist, each piece recorded with associated timing and, to the foot of the panel, brief credits. The insert opens out to make a single double page spread with the main cover. Here we find an explanation of the project and a small portrait of the artist.


The Nexion-Project is Hungarian composer Török Zoltán who began his career as a musician at around the age of sixteen. A skilled guitarist/pianist Török has to date delivered a series of album in different genres ranging from dance music to electro-acoustic, chillout and ambient. He explores enigmatic new-age on the Movements album; electronic dance and uptempo piano trance on Closing To The Horizon; chilled easy listening on The Isle of Freedom. ConSequence is a refining and revision of previous releases Contact from 1999 and Consummation from 2000 with some brand new material added as Prologue and Epilogue. If you’d like to get an idea of what The Nexion Project has to offer – why not visit the artist’s website at The site offers samples of the music, purchasing options and video clips.