ConSequence_FrontAfter finished ‘Far Away’, I decided to revise and extend my earlier albums, which are the mostly closest music for me (and symbolize my style) that are require innovations, reconsiderations, rearrange and recompose.

ConSequence is the first of this revision session, that is perfectly fits into the I-Series, and contains the remarkable songs from my earlier and never released albums ‘Contacts’ and ‘The Consummation’ which were composed around 2000. Ten years later I think, there are removable tracks on these two albums, that is the reason why I compiled them into only one, and made serious changes both in instrumentations and harmonies. ConSequence is a huge journey through different kind of genres from smooth jazzy-style new-age to orchestral/cinematic with some electroacoustic elements, but of course all the length in similar moods.


Finished in January, 2009

Album lenght: 53 min