DistancesfrontDistances is a modern day musical thriller. The story takes place not on paper or on a video screen, but in the theater of your own mind. The characters are mere suggestions. The heroes and villains are there for you to breathe life into, to direct, and to manipulate as you please. How they look, how they act and if they live or die are all up to you as the story unfolds in these twenty-two dramatic tracks. There are emotional scores and tracks that have a cinematic feel, all produced to encourage your “thriller of thoughts”. So relax, engage your imagination and see what develops.

My second fictional soundtrack, where the story follows a man’s life when he has known his health-problem, which is some leathel disease that cause serious changes in his life. This is a drama with his trials, his experiences about a different world. The movie ‘K-Pax’ and its score was the inspiration of this album, and the result is a combination of the score of K-Pax feelings with some moods from Rainman’s OST and the dynamic from Spy Game soundtrack.

I proud to it, I think this is one of my favourite/best works.

Cover inside

The CD version contains a complete track/event description as a guidance.

The original version was composed in 2002, but a total revision of this album has done in 2010.


Album lenght: 60 min