Far Away

Far Away_frontDuring the years of 2000s I was trying to get my own musical style, but several albums has some a characteristic feeling, recognizable motives, harmonies, instrumentation from the performers, composers, bands what I like to listen. To avoid these similarities a revision session has started in 2009. The idea of this revise process was born by my 2008 album, ‘Far Away’. This is the truly first own album, a real TZ music, which does not contain marked styles from those various composers. Mostly it is a slow, melancholic, “smooth” music, where main instruments are classical guitar, cello and viola, and piano combined with light acoustic drums and other orchestral instruments with minimal electronic sounds. The purpose was to compose natural sounding as far as possible, one of this album’s touch is the minimal quantization (90% of the material unquantized). This is a concept album (at first it was planned to a fictional soundtrack, but I did not figure out the whole story, just several scenes), and based on a fictional story, therefore it has returning themes. The genre is close to smooth jazz in an instrumental/ambient/newage milieu. Absolutely pure, clean-out music that spiritualize the mind, but on the other hand the album has nothing common with ANY kind/type of the “known and usual” meditation/healing/spiritual music genres.


Finished in November, 2008

Album lenght: 44 min