Land of Dreams

LODFrontOriginally, this album was mainly influenced by the work of filmscore composer Hans Zimmer’s Beyond Rangoon soundtrack. I began work on it soon after I heard it in the late nineties. The music deeply impressed me, so I decided to compose a similar (but not identical) score with its sentimental, dramatic feelings and heightened emotions and connect them to a story of my own creation.

Land of Dreams is a fully orchestrated body of music, which has very few synth sounds. It employs lots of strings throughout the album and it also contains several far-east instruments and various percussion.

Inside cover (track description)

The fictional movie tells the story about a family and the  son’s relationship with the daughter of a Communist’s deputy leader who lives in Cambodia. It takes place in the second half of the seventies during the Khmer Rouge regime’s reign of terror.

The CD version has a complete event/track description, a kind of rough script which helps the listener to “get the picture” and the feel of what happens at certain points in the music.

The original version was finished in March of 2000, but the entire album was completely revised in 2009.

Album lenght: 47 min