phases_frontMy really first ambient-based album that is written in 2006 but it is reached its final, true original concept in 2009 by my revision session. The album globally is new-age/ambient genre, but all the tracks has different style. While it begins with powerful, eclectic sounding the finale is calm and meditative but the whole album all the lenght is in the same mood. Deep, spiritual, “mind-breaker” music, that is going through on your soul and help you to think in higher levels. It has the known ambient flavours; long, monotonic accompaniments, but on the other hand it has a continual changing. Therefore, the short track samples could be deceptive, because the lenght of all the tracks are between 7 and 13 minutes. To get a proper picture about the tracks listen to the Phases Medley. The used sounds are balancing between electronic and instrumental, lot of pad/synth sounds, but also several ethnic and many orchestral instruments, and some of the tracks are drumless and some has powerful drums and percussions. The atmoshere is both darkish and uplifting too, melancholic, meditative but also dynamic, monumental and energetic and cinematic.

‘Phases’ inspired by the endless and eternal existence.

Album lenght: 63 min

[swf: 373 210 222222 transparent]