The revision session

Due to my entirely changed and upgraded studio setup (which is ninety percent based on softwares now) during the years 2006-2008, I have decided to revise my earlier albums (that composed from 1999 to 2005 and never released). The purpose with this process is to get out the most from these works with the new setup; extend the whole albums, add, recompose and compose new parts, change the instrumentation and/or arrangements, and use my music knowledge that grab on me during the last few years and try to put more from me to these works and last but not least minimalize my favourite composers’ influences on me. Therefore, it is not a remastering session or a remix progress; the point is to “develop” the music onto a higher quality level, to get a more detailed music that were not available earlier for me (both in technical and knowledge level).

The first result of this process was ConSequence, finished it in January, 2009. During the period of 2009-2011 there were many of my ealier albums has revised.