Voices of the Ascension

VotA_frontThis is my first voice/vocal-oriented album which is a complete revised, recomposed, rearranged, reengineered, reproduced, remixed, rewritten, rethinked, reanalyzed, readjusted, reorganized, rerendered edition of the 2001 version – The Ascension – album.

VotA contains several human voices – inlcuding choral elements and also ethno/tribal voices -, a mixture of different vocals from various places over the world; that are summing up in a global common spiritual unite.

The whole album has an uplifting, spiritual essence, the slow synths and strings, that going through from the first moment to the last, adds to a harmonic unity, meanwhile the dynamic of the first half of the album transforms into a soft, angelic feeling in the other half.

Album lenght: 52 min